About the book


Tapestry 5 - Rapid web application development in Java is a comprehensive guide, introducing Apache Tapestry and its innovative approach to build modern web applications. The book walks you through Tapestry 5, from a simple Hello World application to rich Ajax-enabled applications. Written by a core committer this book provides a deep insight into the architecture of Tapestry 5. It does not only show you how to achieve a certain goal but also teaches you the "why". You learn how to build modern, scalable Web 2.0 application with component-oriented approach. This book also shows how Tapestry brings scripting language productivity within reach of Java developers without sacrificing any of Java's inherent speed and power.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Tapestry
  2. Tapestry templates
  3. Page navigation
  4. Developing stateful applications
  5. Localization
  6. Creating Forms with Tapestry
  7. Converting and validating user input
  8. Generating UI for JavaBeans
  9. Developing reusable components
  10. Mixins
  11. Creating Ajax-enabled applications
  12. Persisting domain objects
  13. Integrating Spring framework
  14. Dependency Injection and Tapestry IoC
  15. Testing Tapestry applications

About the author

Igor Drobiazko is a member of the Tapestry developer team and a trainer for Tapestry. He is a Tapestry evangelist, speaking frequently at java user groups and conferences and writing articles about Tapestry. Igor is the author of the first German book on Tapestry 5 and maintains a blog


I'd like to thank Ognjen Mihajlovic for creating an awesome cover for the book.